WhisperKut Series

  • WhisperKut®
  • WhisperKut® Plus
  • WhisperKut® Gen2
  • Dura Shield

WhisperKut® SeriesIntroducing our patented WhisperKut Series – our most innovative design to date! Extensive testing and real-world use in customer machining applications have proven that these design features significantly break up harmonics and reduce chatter and vibration, leading to maximum performance in the machining of all types of stainless steels, high temp alloys, molded and die steels, cast iron and titanium. Its advanced design also offers similar advantages when cutting softer, non-ferrous materials including copper, brass and aluminum.

WhisperKut features two unique design innovations:

WhisperKut Asymmetrical Variable Helix Design Asymmetrical Variable Helix Design – not to be confused with other variable helix end mill designs, WhisperKut’s helix angles are independent from tooth to tooth. No two flutes share a common helix angle, allowing more tooth engagement over the work piece for greater stability. Independent lab testing of this design feature compared to end mills with a symmetrical design were found to be more effective in eliminating harmful harmonics.

WhisperKut Variable Flute SpacingVariable Flute Spacing – each flute is unequally spaced around the circumference of the end mill, creating an out-of-phase cutting action which greatly reduces the constant harmonics typically produced with conventional end mills.